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Monday, 28 October 2013



Getting serious/Jacamar

If you saw this blog about 1.5 years ago(or looked back a few posts) you would know that I had written something along the lines of getting my ass in gear and really trying to make the dream of drawing for a living a reality. Well, in the meantime I have changed my day job and now make beer at my favorite UK brewery, which takes up a good deal of my time and energy.
I have continued to use my free time to draw, including a couple of paid jobs, but mostly on an ever-lengthening project based around illustrating the alphabet. It started as an exercise devised by my wife to get me over a few hurdles that have sprung up between myself and drawing. And it started simply - one letter per drawing day, however many things starting with that letter that I could think of, and no planning. Just direct pen and ink drawing, and as much from memory as possible.
Then, starting at the letter J, it got more complicated. More things, no time limit, and visual references if required. But still no planning or sketching. And the drawings became more complex, and have continued to do so, as you will see.
So now I will be posting, starting at J, a few drawings throughout the day on this blog. I will also be posting at Please share with people you know who like drawing, whether professionally or as hobbyists. And let me know what you think.