Tuesday, 14 February 2012

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

An abacus, and an apology.

Apologies to all those of you who attempted to visit my site to find limited access, broken links and missing pages, and thanks to those who pointed it out. All corrections seem to have been made, so now I can go back to making work and not worry so much about how I am going to show it.

Friday, 10 February 2012

An aardvark, and a new website.

Welcome to the new website and my first post in my new electronic journal, which I am keeping for both my benefit and yours. I will be posting about things I am working on, things I am looking at, things I am thinking about, and sometimes other things that don't fall under any of those categories(but probably not very often in that case). If you know me, or don't, I am attempting to work as a graphic artist of one kind or another, with the goal of concentrating in the field of illustration. I have recently relocated to the South of England from New York. As there is a more than one element of upheaval involved  I may sometimes use this as a soapbox to declaim on things that are new and strange to me.
The aardvark is one drawing from a project instituted by my wife to get me drawing more often. For each letter of the alphabet, a page of drawings of things beginning with that letter. No sketching or planning(apart from maybe making a list of things first) and working in pen and ink, so very immediate outcomes. I will be posting more of these individual things and then the overall pages as well until we get to Z. I may ask for suggestions from you, the reader, but that will come later.